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New logo.
New name.
Same Vision.

Today we announce another step in our brand’s evolution.

With our vision to become a core pillar in the Joplin community, our tech startup 417 Go will now be known as Explore Joplin.

Since our inception as The 417 Project and most recently, 417 Go, our mission has become more focused as we continually strive to get better at everything that we do, every day, for every brand and person we serve.

We believe that this change will help us further our mission of connecting people with local brands in and around the Joplin area.



Our new brand identity is an evolution of our brand’s previous logo and name. While 417 Go felt more like just an app or website, Explore Joplin is a brand in the local community.

Keeping a look and feel that embodies a modern approach that a tech startup should have, Explore Joplin’s new look is simplified and focused.

The typeface and vibrant colors are refreshed slightly to help communicate our brand’s approach: energetic, focused, and innovative.

417 Go rebrands to Explore Joplin. 1


From the forward-moving arrow to the gradient green color scheme, our icon represents one of our guiding principles; Always move forward. 


Over the years, design trends change. Our new brand identity is not only clean and modern but continues to reflect a bold, energetic and youthful look and feel.


We’ve added the tagline “See what’s here” to our brand’s messaging and voice.

The term “See” refers to exploring, looking forward and connecting people.

The term “What’s” or “what is” refers to businesses, brands, organizations and points of interest in our local community.

And the word “Here” refers to our community as a whole; Joplin, Missouri and the surrounding metro area.

We believe the tagline will help us market to and peek the curiosity of people who travel through or come to the area to visit or work.

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Explore Joplin

Find the best local places to eat, things to do and places to go in the Joplin, Mo area – all in one place.

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Explore Joplin

Find the best local places to eat, things to do and places to go in the Joplin, Mo area – all in one place.

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