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5 ways to
support Joplin
in 2020.

Supporting your community.

Joplin, Missouri is home to many locally owned small businesses that make our community a great place to live, work and go to school.

They are businesses owned and operated by local people who live here and make a living doing what they love – serving the Joplin community one way or another.

And now with these unprecedented times, many people realize the importance of supporting local businesses in Joplin as they have a major impact on our local economy and our community’s way of life moving forward.

So the biggest question now is “What can I do?”

Here are 5 ways you can still help support locally owned businesses in Joplin in 2020.


1. Order Delivery.

5 ways to support Joplin businesses in 2020 1

While some places like Club 1201 deliver themselves, others like Wiseguys use services like Door Dash, Grub Hub and Uber eats to deliver food all around Joplin.

Right now, there’s virtually no restaurant in the city of Joplin that doesn’t deliver right to your door step so getting food at work or at home is easier than ever. 

Want something delivered?

Check out our Places that deliver page here.

2. Drive-thru & curbside pickup.

5 ways to support Joplin businesses in 2020 2

As of today, most (if not all) local restaurants like Red Onion and M&M Bistro offer a curbside pickup service and some places like Pineapple Bliss and El Taco Loco have drive thrus for easier pick ups.

This makes it easy to order online or call ahead to pickup your food and get back home for the evening.

Check out our Curbside pickup page here.

3. Shop online.

5 ways to support Joplin businesses in 2020 3

Did you know you can shop online and support a local business? Seems weird right?

The fact is, a lot of local businesses sell their products online through their own e-commerce websites and other platforms.

For instance, places like Sophie and Revel Boutique have great websites where you can have their items shipped directly to you or where you can place an order for pick up at the store.

4. Buy a gift card.

5 ways to support Joplin businesses in 2020 4

Going along with ordering online, buying gift cards from places like Escape Joplin is one of the best ways to support a local business. This is because it gives them immediate income right now and allows you to give them as a gift, do a giveaway on your FB page or go later when you can.

While most gift cards never expire, this makes it easier to support now and play later.

Most businesses who have websites sell gift cards directly however there are quite a few local businesses that do no have their own website so 3rd parties like Our Four States sell gift cards on their website on a businesses behalf.

This can be good resource for a business in times like this.

Find places on 417 Go who have gift cards: HERE

Browse gift cards from Joplin businesses at

5. Engage in social media posts & write a review.

5 ways to support Joplin businesses in 2020 5

If you can’t do any of the 4 options above, this option goes a long way for a local businesses and brands.

Social media, now more than ever, is a place where local businesses communicate with their fans about all their news & updates.

And when you share, comment and like a local business’ Facebook or IG post, the algorithm will show that post to more people who follow that business. This helps them reach a bigger audience and possibly get more sales.

Also, consider writing a review on Google, Facebook and 417 Go page so that everyone can see your experience and help them make a choice to support a local business.

Pro tip: When you write reviews on Explore Joplin, it helps them rank higher in search results.

Support Joplin.

No matter how you support the local economy in Joplin, be smart and do your part to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

These unprecedented times have impacted us all and we will get through this, together.


Learn more about the CDC Guidelines regarding COVID-19: HERE

Explore Joplin

Explore Joplin

Find the best local places to eat, things to do and places to go in the Joplin, Mo area – all in one place.

Explore Joplin

Explore Joplin

Find the best local places to eat, things to do and places to go in the Joplin, Mo area – all in one place.


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