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EMM is a full service business development & advertising agency. Being the one stop shop for businesses. Offering a wide range of services for any size company. Our goal at EMM is to help grow businesses on all sides and make sure they get the best customer service and the most value for their money. We see all too often “marketing” or “website companies” make promises to people and they aren’t able to produce the service. We want to make sure that all businesses aren’t throwing away money to the so called “professionals”. That is why after revising our company, making it full service, completing intensive training, carrying certifications, partnering with big trusted businesses and banks, investing in new software’s, and building a system of how we do business, we’ve now given the trust, & peace of mind back to our clients.

•Website Development
•Social Media Marketing
•Videography/Drone Services
•Graphic Design, Logo Creation, & Branding

•POS Lending
•Payment Processing, NCA, & Cash Discounting
•Business Funding Under $2MM


218 S Main St, Joplin, MO, USA

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  • EMM Advertising

    Advertising Agency

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