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Third Thursday in March

Just a Third Thursday photo dump

The first Third Thursday of the year has come and gone, leaving behind some great memories (and a camera roll full of photos!). As a part of our ongoing “Galleries” series, we want to drop some of our photos as we caught some of the sights and sounds of Downtown Joplin’s cultural event. 

From local artists to the rhythm of live music filling the streets and food trucks offering an array of street food and delicious eats, Third Thursday always has an electric atmosphere that gets you caught up with friends and local culture.

Take at our latest photo dump and don’t miss out on the rest of Third Thursday this summer.

Here are the remaining dates for Joplin’s Third Thursday this summer:

  • April 18th
  • May 16th
  • June 20th
  • July 18th
  • August 15th
  • September 19th
  • October 17th

For more information on Third Thursday, including event schedules and details, visit the Downtown Joplin Alliance website: HERE

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In the streets at Third Thursday

Check out the sights and sounds as we walk around Downtown Joplin

Photo credit: Explore Joplin

Want your photos featured?

Photo galleries are all about showing what’s here in Joplin and we’re always looking to spotlight local photographers!

To get featured, send your submissions to [email protected] or reach out to us on our contact page. Send about 10 to 20 photos with a title and brief description of your photo shoot.

To get featured:

  • Send your submissions to [email protected]
  • Send about 10 to 20 photos hi-res photos.
  • Add a title and a brief description of your photo shoot.
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Want your photos featured?

Send photo gallery submissions to [email protected] or reach out to us on our contact page to get featured on our blog.

Tip: Send about 10 to 20 photos

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