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The Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce Foundation had a vision for a single location to generate workforce, education and an entrepreneurial spirit. This vision was realized in the creation of the Advanced Training and Technology Center.

Partnering with the City of Joplin, Crowder College and the Workforce Innovation Board, the Chamber was able to purchase, renovate and equip 51,000 square feet of vacant warehouse into the technological marvel it is today. The City of Joplin provided Community Development Block Grant – Disaster Recovery funds to help make this vision a reality. We are now open to serve the community and showcase what we hope will be a cornerstone in the workforce and economic development center in the Joplin area

Through our partnership, the ATTC provides welding, advanced manufacturing, CAD, CNS and community health certifications through Crowder College.

In addition to the educational opportunities, ATTC hosts over 6,000 square feet dedicated to small business incubation.

Open co-working spaces and private offices are available for rent to those seeking to start their own business and help expand Joplin’s industry. Affordable rates, business plan assitance and a low-risk enviromnent are available to those willing to take the next step in developing their dream job!

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