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3 months ago


Mac and cheese is the greatest comfort food of all time. Change our minds 👇 #NationalMacAndCheeseDay
📸: The Melt
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Mac and cheese is the greatest comfort food of all time. Change our minds 👇 #NationalMacAndCheeseDay 
📸: The Melt

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Love DoorDash. We use them several time a month. The only problem I have ever had were fries not hot. But any food from fast-food to $$$$ restaurants, the food is always good.

Was charged for items never received and received incorrect items! Have spent two hours trying to reach someone through online chat and by phone. DoorDash is a PoorCrash. Never again!!!

DoorDash the company are thefts!! Don’t get the dash pass they don’t seem to know how to cancel it I have canceled my bank account and am working on canceling my second one the customer service keeps passing my off to email and then no one calls me back I think it’s time to contact an Attorney

Be careful ordering from DoorDash! They said a restaurant was a member so I ordered. $50 and then told they aren’t a member and now I’m out $50 for up to 10 days

Won't be using your service again until I get refunded for the order that I paid for but DIDN'T ACTUALLY ORDER on June 18.

Carbs yuck!

Don’t like it. Prefer baked macaroni

Mmmmmmmm Delicious

Cheese curds*

Me: Hey DoorDash, Where's my food? Why'd it take you 45 mins to send a driver to Checkers? Doordash: We need to allow time for the food to be prepared and then we send the driver to pick it up. Me: Hey Checkers and Rally's, how long does it take you to prepare an order like say... 2 baconzilla combos? @Checkers: Less than 10 minutes. Me: So DoorDash - Food Delivery, do you wanna explain why you're making me wait 70 mins for a checkers order and then at the time it should be delivered, telling me to wait another hour?

Andy Fang (CTO) Tony Xu (CEO) Prabir Adarkar (CFO) Christopher Payne (COO) We are gonna be coming for you soon!

earn an extra $250 after 240 deliveries. Apply here:

Anybody need a bank account? Get $50💵 when you open a Chime bank account and set up direct deposit! No more bank🏦 fees...

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3 months ago


“I love the face to face customer interactions, which is what I really miss during this pandemic. I still communicate with them through text messages, I love the messages they send!” - Alfonso, Dasher in Charlotte, NC and an inaugural member of the Dasher Community Counsel ... See MoreSee Less

“I love the face to face customer interactions, which is what I really miss during this pandemic. I still communicate with them through text messages, I love the messages they send!” - Alfonso, Dasher in Charlotte, NC and an inaugural member of the Dasher Community Counsel

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My food is always 2 hours late. I am not using this anymore .

Just wish they would check orders before leaving the restaurant. I keep receiving orders with major items missing. I get refunded but that definitely doesn’t help in the moment when someone is going without half their meal.

We’ve been using DoorDash since its inception in our area and have only had one negative experience. Cheers ☺️

If you are looking at doing DOOR DASH -- DON'T.. York county is a large county in PA. Door Dash will have you on the Eastend of York County. Your next order will be all the way on the Westend, down in the city. Roughly a 15-20 Drive. Not worth the Gas, and the wear and tear on your vehicle. Not mention that your insurance company will find out about your delivery work, and will make you up your insurance to a commercial plan, which is alot higher in cost. So not really worth doing.

I love them $3.00 for 9 miles orders

We order doordash 2-3 days a week and i have never had anyone be friendly like that. Hmmm

I did not enjoy the face to face encounter I had with a mask less delivery person.

You should work for a company that isn’t crap, Alfonso.

Your corporate should re examine marketing mailings. We keep getting the sign up for door dash and there are zero restaurants in our area that use door dash so these mailings we receive are a waste of paper. Stop please.

Eyy shout out to your driver jerad in chillicothe ohio today. I couldnt leave the house cause i have my son and no vehicle and i need a pack of cigarettes Jerad and his girlfriend were real MVP's and picked me up a pack with my food lol. They the best! (Yes I tipped them very well and paid them back for the cigarettes)

I always have crap missing! I just stopped using it

I will never use DoorDash again. I’ll only order from businesses that KNOW their delivery drivers. The lack of security and concerns regarding security from your company are beyond troubling.

We use Door Dash several times a week. We appreciate the service they provide especially during this pandemic. The only negative I have ever had was a delivery person wearing an inappropriate shirt once.

lol seems like americans are very kind. Australians are just complaining all the time and giving sh.t points...

I do the same thing..i believe it helps to put smiles on customers faces along getting them excited that their food is arriving

I'd have loved my driver to respond to my message so I could let them know the door they delivered my food to definitely wasn't mine.

I love working on Doorcrash Fridays!

Sure wish you would contact drivers BEFORE deactivating accounts because customers want to be vindictive. You guys are always quick to take to judge and side with the customers. We should be allowed to rate the customers on how they treat us as as well.

I really like it...especially since I was injured. But so many restaurants either closed or dropped out of DoorDash.

Yes, this is why I started Dashing in March!

I order in often .... I do wish that the delivery person wouldn't leave the order DIRECTLY in front of my door.... How am I supposed to open the door to get it?

Got delivered next door, 3 times.

With a company that employs racists. Who knows what they are doing to people of color's food before it gets to them .??

Lol they never reply to my texts

They keep charging my account 9.99 for a Dashpass I don't even have...I have emailed repeatedly, gave them all the info they needed to reverse the charges and now they owe me over $100. THESE PEOPLE ARE CROOKS, DO NOT USE THEM.

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4 months ago


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Extremely annoyed with DoorDash. We placed an order for PF Chang’s and after waiting an hour it said “delivered” it wasn’t. Sat on hold with support for 40 minutes to be told it wasn’t there problem. The food was in YOUR DRIVERS HANDS. PF Chang’s was kind enough to make it right but doordash was NO help. I won’t be using again!

I would suggest you all properly train your customer service representatives. I spoke with two Separate people and still don't have my order and was still charged.

I was missing 1 little item and door dash credited the entire order amount to my account. I have nothing negative to say about them, other than the app has been extremely difficult to use lately.

I have ordered from Applebee’s for months now it won’t let me order do they not do DoorDash or it says it is my address it has not changed I get food from all the other fast food stores around it this was the only restaurant style food I am furious

I would really appreciate if of you would have costumers wear masks if they are gonna answer the door!

I’ve been waiting four days for a response from your deactivation appeals team... few days my butt.

My order is never all there when I order. Better to go get it yourself

Haven’t had many mishaps with DoorDash, but today’s order is kinda humorous. lol Ordered Gold Star Chili specifically one meal with onions and there were no onions.. they forgot my large tea, AND they gave me two straws for my kid’s drink. lol The thought was there at least? But no drink for me, no onions, some deal with the driver being a bit late to pick up the order (which I didn’t care much about).. 🙄🤷🏼‍♀️🤪

Charged more than the restaurant itself even more than the 11% they claim. They just said, in their end I was charged right, check the ticket to compare.

Used it once, took an hour for food from a restaurant 1/4 mile away.(while at work) Never again

How can I stop the constant texts about pickup? Very annoying. I do not drive because of a disability so I only do delivery

DoorDash is a fraud in Canada. They send fake coupons, and then don’t honour them. Avoid using them completely.

I just got "hung up" on in a sense by the chat. Like where is the food I paid for :( .


Watch your doordash accounts folks. Someone used my card in California and spent $45.00 worth of food

Work with drivers. The day before yesterday I had a driver yell at me and then today I had a driver refuse to do contactless delivery and refuse to wear a mask. Be safe. You're going to end up sued.

Your customer service is horseshit.

What is wrong with the app? It will not load.

3 times in the last month when my boyfriend and I have ordered from doordash, we have been missing at least half of our order- not one item, but a whole meal. Just a little ridiculous.

Won’t be using you guys again until you start firing drivers who like to eat other peoples food

Had the tackiest experience with a delivery driver today and won't be using them ever again 🙌🏾😡🤬🤯😩

Doordash needs to fix the glitches with their app. Too many glitches. Can't mark order as delivered because app tells me I am not at the location.

Door dash doesn’t give option to buy items as a meal from chic fil a

Use Dinein much more honest

Stealing from first responders? I won’t support anymore

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