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The Explore Joplin PrintShop program gives local businesses, brands, and creators a cost-effective and hassle-free way to sell print-on-demand merchandise such as t-shirts, art prints, and more online to their passionate fans.

Using a print-on-demand system, brands can save money by not holding excess inventory but still be able to be online and offer quality t-shirts and merchandise to anyone who supports their business.


When a brand joins the program, we assist each other in getting their designs and IP onto products in the Explore Joplin Shop. Each brand has its own dedicated page and branding on each product page.

From there, the brand shares its products with its fans and sends them to the Explore Joplin Shop.

When their fans purchase their products, the brand is credited with a commission for each sale. 

Explore Joplin processes each order through our third-party print-on-demand partner. The third-party printer custom prints the items and ship them directly to the customer.

Explore Joplin processes the payment using Stripe. We pay our third-party printer, sales tax, a commission to you and take a fee for our services.


The purpose of this agreement is to explain the details of the services provided by Explore Joplin and the services received by you when you participate in the Explore Joplin PrintShop program.


Under this agreement, Explore Joplin acts as an independent contractor as we provide an eCommerce website, payment processor, and product fulfillment provider that allows for a sales transaction of your products or art between you and your customer.

Explore Joplin will arrange for third parties to fulfill those orders by facilitating payment for and manufacture of your products and then arrange for the delivery of your products as per the customer’s instructions in their orders.

Explore Joplin will provide the Services pursuant to this agreement until termination in accordance with its terms.

You instruct Explore Joplin to facilitate the sale of your product which includes payment, processing, and arranging for manufacturing your product (s) in respect of the orders placed by the customers via the website. Explore Joplin will facilitate such payment, and manufacturing in accordance with reasonable business practices unless you otherwise instruct prior to the placement of that order by a customer.

Licensing & Intellectual Property

You grant Explore Joplin a non-exclusive royalty-free license to use your intellectual property provided by you relating to your products for the purpose of enabling us to carry out the Services.

You grant Explore Joplin a non-exclusive royalty-free brand license to create new artwork, designs, or products using your brand assets, name, or IP as a part of your products on this website upon your approval. Any artwork created by Explore Joplin will remain the intellectual property of Explore Joplin under this license. 

You agree that you have the right to use and reproduce all art or “IP” that is uploaded to the Explore Joplin website or sent directly to Explore Joplin representatives.


Explore Joplin determines final pricing including any promotional discounts for all items. 

In some circumstances, where applicable, final pricing to products can adjust to the client or brand’s recommendation.

Payment terms

When your products sell, we calculate your margin and pay you a commission for each product sold.

You authorize Explore Joplin to collect, hold and distribute the retail price (“sale proceeds”) from customers on the terms set out in this clause. Explore Joplin will also charge the customer for the shipping which will be retained by us and not affect the amount to be distributed to you.

You authorize Explore Joplin to deduct the base amount (which includes Explore Joplin’s margin for facilitation services, including tax where applicable) from the sales proceeds for your products before distributing your margin (which will include tax where applicable).

We will pay your margin in accordance with the payment method you select on the website. This will usually take place between the 15th and 20th days of the month.

We may set payment amount threshold amounts in relation to a month or other time period – and where the payment amount does not exceed any applicable threshold for the relevant period, Explore Joplin may elect to postpone your payment until the threshold is exceeded.

It is your responsibility to ensure Explore Joplin has current details of your postal address and bank account details. Explore Joplin will not be liable for any loss suffered by you if you provide us with incorrect details in relation to the payment method. If we are unable to pay you because you have given us incorrect details or your details are out of date, we will hold your margin for up to 12 months from the payment date. If you have not notified Explore Joplin of any amendment to the payment method details in that time your margin proceeds will be forfeited to Explore Joplin or donated to a charity of our choice.


You agree that Explore Joplin is free to engage with other persons or businesses that are interested in these services even though their art or products may be similar to art or products of yours hosted on the website.


You hereby indemnify and will keep Explore Joplin indemnified from and against all claims, debts, accounts, expenses, costs, liens, actions, and proceedings of any nature whatsoever, whether known or unknown by any person, arising from, incidental to, or by virtue of, the appointment, or any breach or non-performance of your obligations under this Services Agreement or arising out of your willful act, neglect or default in the performance of such obligations.

This clause will survive the termination of this Services Agreement.

Limitation of liability

In no case will Explore Joplin be liable for any consequential loss or damage suffered by you arising from this Services Agreement. To the extent permitted by law, all warranties and conditions implied by law are hereby expressly excluded.


You can give notice of termination of this Services Agreement by submitting a written notice at any time.

Explore Joplin may give notice of termination of this Services Agreement to you in writing at any time.

After notice of termination in the manner described above, you authorize us to complete any transactions in progress in relation to your products, which we will do on the terms of this Services Agreement. Termination of this Services Agreement will take effect once these transactions have been completed.

Upon termination of this Services Agreement by either party, Explore Joplin will pay you any accrued member margin proceeds from your account, less a US $5 administration fee.

If this agreement is terminated, all products containing your “IP” will be removed from this website per the termination clause.


We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to modify or replace these Terms at any time. If a revision is material we will try to provide at least 15 days notice prior to any new terms taking effect. What constitutes a material change will be determined at our sole discretion.

By continuing to access or use our Service after those revisions become effective, you agree to be bound by the revised terms. If you do not agree to the new terms, please stop using the Service.


If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.

By email:

[email protected]

Or message us here:

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