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We’re excited about collaborations that celebrate our great city. This policy outlines how our brand assets can be used.

Co-branded merchandise collaborations

For our co-branded merchandise collaborations, we design the collaboration merchandise in-house, incorporating elements of both Explore Joplin’s brand assets and those of our collaborator (like logos, names, or mascots).

Through our agreements with collaborators, Explore Joplin obtains a non-exclusive, limited-term license to use their brand assets for the specific collaboration merchandise. This means Explore Joplin obtains the right to create and sell the co-branded merchandise on our website for the duration of the collaboration. Our collaborators are not authorized to sell the co-branded merchandise themselves unless specifically agreed upon.

After the collaboration, Explore Joplin retains sole ownership of the collaboration artwork itself.

Sales Tax and Reporting

Explore Joplin is responsible for collecting and reporting all sales tax on collaboration merchandise sold through our website. Our collaborators are not responsible for sales tax collection or remittance.

Using Our Brand for Collaborations

We partner with local businesses to create unique co-branded merchandise (“Collaborations”). Interested businesses can contact us to discuss potential collaborations. Selected collaborators receive a non-exclusive, limited-term license to use specific Explore Joplin brand assets (like our logo and t-shirt designs) to promote and sell co-branded merchandise on our website only.

Sharing the Love of Explore Joplin

Local media outlets and businesses are encouraged to use Explore Joplin brand assets for advertising, news reporting, and social media content to promote Joplin! This permission is for non-commercial use only and must comply with this policy.

What's Not Allowed

  • Selling merchandise (like t-shirts or prints) featuring Explore Joplin brand assets outside of our website through a collaboration.
  • Using Explore Joplin brand assets in a way that harms our reputation.

Working Together for Joplin

We appreciate you following these guidelines! By using Explore Joplin brand assets responsibly, we can all work together to promote Joplin and celebrate what makes it special.

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